A vision with strategic impact

Security and network are not a project but part of your company's strategic vision. That’s why SpotIT wants to be your trusted advisor for high-level security and networking. Our aim is to build a long-term partnership based on highly specialized knowledge, commitment and trust.

SpotIT has its headquarters in Ghent (Merelbeke) and also has an office in Tienen. We have our own data centre in Oostkamp and Merelbeke. We were founded in 2014 and now employ more than 50 highly specialized staff and have more than 100 active customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Five major trends are driving the need for high-performance and secure networks:

80% of new enterprise apps are now deployed in the cloud.

Mobile and wireless
The demand for mobile access for professional use is exploding worldwide.

Web-based attacks, denial of service attacks and mobile malware are on the rise.

Video and audio
Streaming video and audio are impacting the network.

Internet of Things
Every device is becoming smart and connected

These five trends are occurring simultaneously and each one is accelerating. As we put more pressure on the network, there is a growing need for network innovation in order to reduce costs, provide security and to enable new applications and user experiences. In the face of such intense demand, we need an efficient, secure and flexible network.


A documented project approach

We only start implementing a project once we have drawn up a concrete action plan that will lead to the desired result. We work according to goal-oriented and consistent guidelines, enabling us to complete our projects 20 to 30 percent faster than other suppliers.

Strategic consulting, reporting and efficiency

As a trusted adviser for IT security and networking, we stand out with our high-tech knowledge, 24x7 managed services and our project approach. For us, security and networking are part of a vision that has an impact on the entire company. We offer standard solutions, such as switches, routers, firewalls and antivirus software, but where we really make a difference is with our wide range of more strategic services and technologies.

Reporting is key

Documentation and reporting are essential to our approach. This applies at all levels:

Strategic reporting
At the end of each project you will receive a report that can be used as the basis for improving your security and network strategy. We also follow up the reporting of our managed services with you. We use the reports for analysing trends and making recommendations.

Reporting for external use
We ensure that you meet any requirements relating to the reporting of procedures or audits laid down by the government or for achieving ISO or other certificates.


Highly skilled engineers

All the engineers and consultants at SpotIT are highly skilled and certified. They are all senior level and 90% of them have 10 years’ experience or more. Knowledge sharing is a very important part of our way of working. All our engineers use our documented project approach so that they can easily take over each other's tasks if necessary. 


SpotIT is the trusted advisor for its customers and collaborates with them on innovative security & networking architectures that bring a big strategic advantage and insight.

SpotIT starts a journey with each customer and builds a long-term relationship based on vision, highly specialized knowledge, commitment and trust.


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