Strategic security and network solutions for your higher performance

Your security and network determine the competitiveness of your company. With SpotIT you have a reliable partner who thinks along with you to develop a high-performance security and network strategy.


Our mission

SpotIT is the trusted advisor for its customers and collaborates with them on innovative security & networking architectures that bring a big strategic advantage and insight. SpotIT starts a journey with each customer and builds a long-term relationship based on vision, highly specialized knowledge, commitment and trust.

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Is your business ready for these challenges?



More and more data and applications are working in the cloud


Internet of everything

20 billion connected devices in 2020


Big data

1 in 10 companies in Europe use big data



2.9 million industrial robots in 2019



EU invests €2.6 billion in AI projects

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Innovative security & network services

SpotIT offers a broad portfolio of technologies and services, from consultancy, audits and pen tests to setting up a completely new security and network infrastructure. You can also count on us for training and 24/7 managed services. 


With a substantiated roadmap at the start

No general goes to war without a plan. At SpotIT, that plan is the SpotIT Implementation Framework: a concrete and systematic approach in which we determine in great detail how we can achieve your objectives and meet your challenges. This approach pays off, because we usually deliver your project 20 to 30% faster than our competitors.


Strategic advice

Security and network are the backbone of a business. The approach for security & networking is therefore not a one-off project, but is part of your business strategy. A project only starts when there is a concrete, strategic action plan on the table that is aimed at achieving certain objectives.

SpotIT wants to be your trusted advisor for a high-level security and network approach in the long term. Of course we also offer standard solutions, such as switches, routers, firewalls and antivirus software. But where we really make the difference is with our high-tech knowledge, 24/7 managed services and project approach.


Clear reporting

SpotIT guarantees crystal clear reporting. Whether it's a strategic exercise or managed services, we always make reports about our findings, analyses and recommendations tailored to the customer. Have you planned an audit or ISO certification? Our reports are also the ideal reference point. 


Highly trained employees

Security and network technology is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, at SpotIT we do not only want to keep up. We want to look ahead as well. Our highly trained employees have the knowledge and certificates to make your project a long-term success. In fact, 90% of our employees have more than 10 years of project experience. We share this expertise throughout the company, so that we can always be available for you and follow up on your project.

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KMO portefeuille Qfor label

Onze  certificaten, uw voordeel

Training and advice is embedded in the SpotIT DNA. The certificates of "Qfor" and "KMO-portefeuille" (Belgian quality certificate) only enforce this spirit.  Qfor is the quality label for learning and consultancy activities. Na een positieve audit van Qfor kregen we voor onze module ClientScan 2 certificaten. Het certificaat “Learning” voor onze opleidingen over IT-security en het certificaat “Consulting” voor audits, advies en sourcing over IT-netwerken en -security. Met dit label onderstrepen we onze maximale garantie op een kwalitatieve dienstverlening. U bent zeker dat u met een professionele partner aan de slag gaat.
Voor opleiding en advies zijn we eveneens erkend dienstverlener voor de KMO-portefeuille. Hiermee geniet u als Vlaamse KMO-klant van een financiële tussenkomst van de Vlaamse overheid.


Exceed expectations

Altijd overtreffen
Delivering quality, passion for the job and taking matters into our hands: that's in our DNA.

Working in trust

Working in trust
We keep our word. Ethics and honesty are high on our agenda.

Entrepreneurship for all

Ondernemerschap voor iedereen
Commitment knows no rank. We solve problems and, if necessary, go far to achieve this.


We treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves: with respect, humanity and a positive attitude.