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Do you know our future colleague? Let us know.


Do you know someone who shares the same passion for security and networks, someone who likes to learn and take care of the fun factor at work? Is one of our job openings suitable for one of your acquaintances?


Please send an email with the contact details to [email protected] and, who knows, you might also be rewarded for it. Send us the CV of the potential candidate and if he/she then signs a contract with SpotIT, you are entitled to a reward.


How does it work?

  • Send the CV of a potential candidate for an open vacancy to [email protected] Within a week we will let you know whether or not we accept the CV proposal. 

  • CVs that we already have or candidates that we are already working on will not be considered.
  • The reward is attributed when the proposed person has been in service for six months. If he/she does not stay longer than six months, no reward will be awarded.



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