25 May 2018, a historic day

  • GDPR

25 May 2018 was a historic day in the field of privacy and data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (better known as GDPR) was enforced. From that moment on, organisations have to manage the data differently and more importantly, protect it extremely well. For most organisations, this has a major impact on the legal and/or IT level. In addition to the efforts taken by the business world, many initiatives were taken at national and European level.

These initiatives contribute to clearer regulations:

  • The new Belgian Camera Legislation was recently instated. This law replaces the mandatory notification of surveillance cameras to the Privacy Commission with a mandatory notification in the electronic portal of the police. Those who are already registered in the old system, can renew the report until 25 May 2020 according to the new rules. Please note that reports are not automatically transferred to the new system (read more: "Closing of an application for e -declarations");
  • The Privacy Commission supports organisations and provides a manual on how companies can carry out a data protection impact assessment (read more: "Recommendation DPIA");

In addition to all these interpretations and initiatives, the (new) electronic counter for registration of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) was opened. Through this counter, a DPO can log in with his/her contact details and register. The counter is accessible via the website of the Privacy Commission. Via this link you can download the registration form and then submit it.

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