Data Protection Day; a perfect day to reflect on the protection of personal data and privacy

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Data Protection Day

On Sunday 28 January 2018 we celebrated "Data Protection Day": a day on which we reflect on the protection of personal data and privacy. Traditional awareness campaigns were set up from a European angle. And we, SpotIT, with our expertise, would like to contribute to this.

The start of 2018 is also the last straight line to the applicability of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). Although feared by many companies, GDPR can also be useful. In the short term, it requires great efforts, but in the long term, you won’t regret the work you’ve put into it. This is often underestimated. A well-developed data asset management system, for example, not only ensures a major step in compliance with GDPR, but also an increase in the general security level. Additional advantages are an increase in efficiency and productivity throughout the entire company. In addition, a mobilization of the entire enterprise, including all end-users, ensures a higher degree of awareness. Combine this "GDPR" awareness with a security awareness and thus create a higher level of protection. This applies not only to personal data, but also to other company data. In times of cybercrime, these are valuable steps to take in the context of a general security policy.

However, the question often arises whether GDPR undermines recent economic innovations such as "Big Data" & "Internet of Things" (IoT). The European Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data, better known as Convention 108, published a set of guidelines last week. These guidelines recognize the innovative nature of Big Data and IoT, but also draw attention to measures that organizations can take to ensure that personal data is still protected.

The goal is to provide solutions to reconcile Big Data, IoT and the protection of personal data. For example, the execution of preliminary risk assessments is advised. The results of this assessment can be taken into account in the privacy by design and by default development of Big Data and IoT. In addition, solutions will also be offered to meet the demands of data subjects for the exercise of their rights.

In addition to this interpretation of Big Data and IoT, last week the European Commission launched a communication providing a GDPR status update. The update indicates which authorities have already been installed, which interpretations are now available, as well as what can be expected in the coming months.

In the near future we expect a lot of interpretations on how to deal practically with GDPR. This not only at European level, but also at national level. Would you like to be kept informed of these updates and also receive our fantastic awareness cartoon/poster?


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