Managed Network & Security

Your security in good hands

SpotIT gives your network the performance, availability, ease of management and security required in a business environment. Your network and security are managed remotely 24x7 by certified engineers, so you can focus on your core activities. 

You need more than just monitoring

Our services include more than simply keeping your network and devices up and running. We’ll also take care of the following:

  • monitor firmware changes and spontaneous reboots
  • change detection and change management
  • configuration backup and reset, to comply with your configuration standards
  • software maintenance, including the installation of security patches
  • capacity management and availability management
  • compliance checking



Trusted advisor

SpotIT aims to be a trusted advisor. We want to provide you with innovative security and networking that will give you a strategic advantage and insight. In order to achieve this, we believe it’s important for us to know where your organisation is heading. Any change in your IT environment will have an impact on your network and security. 

Remote and onsite

In order to stay up to date with your business, we don’t only provide remote services but also send one of our experienced network and security engineers onsite for preventive maintenance on a regular basis. These visits are the perfect occasion to discuss the latest developments within your company and ensure your network and security remain an enabler for your business.

Reports, analysis and advice

You will receive scheduled reports that are followed up by our service managers. We use the reports for trend analysis and recommendations discussed during meetings.


Want to discuss our references and recent projects?

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