Security Awareness Training

Training purpose

  • Deliver a consistent message about the importance of information security
  • Convince users to develop and maintain safer computer usage habits
  • Motivate users to take a personal interest in information security
  • Give security awareness a higher priority within organisations

Training target

  • Deliver security information that users will regard as valuable both personally and professionally
  • Communicate with users to let them understand why policies exist and why they are enforced for everyone
  • Communicate with users to let them understand why some security solutions that impact on usability are necessary
  • Convince users’ companies that security awareness isn’t a one-shot fix but a long-term process designed to educate and change user behaviour

Training summary

  • You are a Target
  • Social Engineering/Networking
  • Email & Instant Messaging
  • Browsing
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Passwords
  • Working Remotely/International Travel
  • Physical Security
  • Hacked

Hands-on training by our certified instructors

We can organise training for every technology available in our portfolio, tailored to your needs. You will be instructed by our own SpotIT consultants who have extensive experience in the field. They don’t only know the theory, but are also familiar with best practices. 

During the training, various dos and don’ts for your specific business case will be reviewed, and you will be given lots of useful tips and tricks.

The results

Our goal is to provide training that changes user behaviour and helps your organisation manage risk. We will turn your company’s weakest link, the end user, into your strongest asset in the cyber security equation. 

Looking for hands-on security training?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.