Data classification

Data classification

Data is the new gold for many companies. Protecting company data and avoiding data leaks is therefore a top priority. However, that is not simple, since data can move freely between users.

Before you can effectively perform Data Leak Prevention (DLP), you need to know what the sensitive and non-sensitive data is. Making that distinction is what we call data classification.

SpotIT can make sure that:

  • All your data is classified (not only Office documents, but also images, PDFs, CAD/CAM files, etc.).
  • Data is classified with tags in your metadata.
  • Users never need more than 3 clicks for data classification.

SpotIT's specialists train your users, build a watertight classification policy, and add automation, control and reporting. We set up mechanisms to ensure that your sensitive data is automatically protected. To do this, we thoroughly examine your existing infrastructure and prevent your information from leaking to unwanted locations.

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