Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Employees are often the weakest link in the total information security picture. It’s not always clear to them why certain security policies are implemented, especially when these policies stand in the way of ease of use. During SpotIT’s Security Awareness Training, we want to emphasize the importance of information security among your employees and make them more aware of it.

Our objective: 

  • To encourage your employees to develop safer computer behavior.
  • To convince your employees of the personal benefit of information security.
  • To give security awareness a higher priority in your company. 
  • To convince your management that training and behavioral change is a longterm process.

The program: 

  • For end users: We demonstrate security dangers by means of practical examples and we underline the importance of correct computer behavior in professional and private life.
  • For your IT department: We look at security risks through the eyes of the IT professional. How can we prevent and recognize risks? What are the risks? We show practical examples of how your IT team can get started.
  • For your Clevel suite: We demonstrate the importance of security at company level. What are the risks? How do hackers/criminals work? What damage can be done?

Our certified trainers:

We organize training courses for each technology in our portfolio, tailored to your needs. Our SpotIT consultants have extensive experience in their fields of expertise. Not only do they know the theory, they are also familiar with best practices. During the training you will receive useful tips & tricks for your specific business case.

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