Social engineering

Social engineering

Not the technology, but your well-intentioned employee is a potential weak link in your information security policy. With smart social engineering techniques, cyber criminals try to damage your company. Social engineering is a form of fraud, for example by means of smart emails.

Through practical training and social engineering simulations, our SpotIT specialists make your employees more aware of these practices.

Social engineers:

  • Carry out phishing attacks.
  • Try to elicit passwords from your employees.
  • Try to physically enter your buildings or your company network.
  • Are looking for sensitive data.

Social engineering training 

Making your employees aware of such social engineering techniques is certainly not an idle luxury. Social engineering techniques test the weaknesses of your company. If you know these weaknesses, you can respond to them in a targeted manner. That is what SpotIT tries to teach your company. By means of realistic social engineering examples we make your employees more aware of these risks.

Social engineering simulations

SpotIT can work out a number of realistic scenarios that will put your employees to the test. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness about social engineering practices.

  • Physical security check: A SpotIT employee tries to enter the company without a badge. The employee then tries to:
    • Connect a rogue device to the network.
    • Connect a hardware keylogger to a PC.
    • Install software on a PC.
    • Obtain documents that are not safely stored.
  • Phishing & spear phishing: SpotIT can send general (phishing) and targeted (spear phishing) emails asking employees to do something that could harm the company:
    • By stealing login details (username and password).
    • By installing malware via a link in an email.
    • By sending false invoices.
    • Through telephone scams: obtaining confidential data over the telephone.
  • SpotIT can also set up awareness campaigns in your company about phishing and other practices.
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