Detect & response

Detect & response  strategy

The question is not whether your company will be confronted with a cyber attack, but when. 100% cyber security is wishful thinking. However, you can prepare as much as possible. The questions you should ask yourself are therefore:

  • How quickly do we detect a cyber incident?
  • How quickly can we respond to that incident?

Detecting a cyber incident

If your cyber security fails, it is important to detect an incident as soon as possible. Today, many companies usually need 200 days to detect an incident (yes, you read that correctly). SpotIT can help you with an efficient strategy and the necessary tools to detect security breaches (almost) in real time.

Responding to a cyber incident 

Incident detected? Great! Now you need to limit the damage and ensure that your business continues to run smoothly. The specialists at SpotIT help you to draw up an efficient response & recovery plan, with a clear action plan to deal with incidents. Such a plan can consist of limiting the incident, but also of forensic investigation of the damage incurred.

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