Threat Intelligence

Security updates and knowledge sharing 

Protecting your assets with firewalls, antivirus and other security technology is still very important but no longer sufficient. If a hacker wants to get in, they will probably find a way. The question is how fast you will see it and how you react as a company.

Focus on the hackers

Most companies tend to focus their security on potential targets – PCs, servers, software… – and not on the hackers themselves. However, if you want to keep them out you need to understand how they work and what they’re looking for. SpotIT’s Threat Intelligence delivers this kind of valuable information. 

Four major benefits of SpotIT Threat Intelligence: 

Security information

SpotIT is constantly scanning for the latest hacks, viruses and leaks, and will communicate them immediately when they apply to your environment. You can then take the necessary security actions or let SpotIT take care of it for you. 

Security trending

SpotIT will send you a monthly report with all the significant security trends and breaches worldwide, in Europe, in Benelux or for your industry.

Knowledge sharing

If a breach actually occurs at one of our member’s customer communities, we will anonymise and share it with all our other customers so they can react accordingly. We share information in a structured way.

Customer community meetings

SpotIT meets with our customer community every six months. During this half-day session we:

  • present and discuss the latest security trends and security information.
  • discuss how we can optimise our service so we can deliver even more added value.
  • share information and brainstorm how we can better defeat hackers. 

Check out all the features of SpotIT Threat Intelligence and see what value you’ll get.

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