Cybercrime has become big business (73% of all breaches were financially motivated). Cyber criminals can count on high budgets, work 24/7 and have become very innovative, while IT departments lack time and have budget limitations. SpotIT wants to help its customers securing their crown jewels. An important step in your security master plan is to know your network and the potential risks in your environment with our cybersecurity maturity assessment and security & networking assessment.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment


  • How effective is your security strategy?
  • Do you know where your data is located, who has access and how it is secured?
  • Have you been breached, and if so, what assets were compromised?
  • What is really at risk?
  • Are the right policies, tools, procedures, and people deployed?

Defensive & offensive approach

  • We examine the current status and processes of your cybersecurity approach and map it to a cybersecurity framework (NIST, ISO 27k, COBIT).
  • Understanding the anatomy and processes of succesful cyber attacks - the cyber kill chain - can help mitigate against them. We use the cyber kill chain framework to look at your environment the way hackers do.

Assessment report

  • Complete picture of your current security posture.
  • Find the gaps between GDPR compliance and current controls.
  • Expose security weaknesses before attackers can take advantage of them.
  • Know what you need to improve.
  • Get the necessary steps & the roadmap to improve the protection of your crown jewels.

Security & Networking Assessment


  • Achieve a secure and available network.
  • Achieve higher business performance.
  • Ensure best practices are implemented.


  • Internal scan of most common network and security issues.
  • Basic networking drawing.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Inventory of all devices and their patch level.
  • Determine security incidents and bottlenecks.

Assessment report

  • Get a true and complete picture of your current security & network infrastructure.
  • High level design ideal to-be situation.
  • Quick wins: no or minimal investment.
  • Mid & long term investments.
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