High-level design

When you introduce new applications into your company, this always has an impact on your network and security. This means two different things:

  • Some people see a network as a necessary evil. An environment that slows down new evolutions, and that needs to be adjusted every time new problems arise. Such a network adapts slowly to your new environment.
  • Forward-thinking IT professionals, however, see a network as a strategic advantage and as a means to support company growth. SpotIT would like you to step into this vision.

Strategic vision on security and networks

We can help you develop a strategic vision on security and networks that supports your needs and helps your company to adapt quickly to future developments. We help you with an assessment of your needs, look at your possible threats, and draw up a security design that supports your business.

This includes, among other things:

  • An information security policy
  • Prevention campaigns
  • Security awareness training
  • Implementation of innovative security technologies (next-generation firewalls or detection technologies such as IDS)
  • A range of cybersecurity response measures

A long-term strategy only has advantages:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower investment costs
  • A fast and secure network
  • Scalable towards the future
  • Always available
  • Completely under your control 
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