Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking

As ethical hackers, we look for vulnerabilities and errors in your security and network policy. We use the same techniques that hackers with bad intentions use, but in a legal way. Of course, we do this in consultation with you and with the intention of better protecting your company.

There are various tactics for this:

  • White box test: a testing strategy that uses knowledge of the internal structure or code of a program or system.
  • Black box test: a test from an external perspective, without prior knowledge of the internal code
  • Gray box test: a combination of white box and black box testing, with the aim of detecting errors in a system

Proactive security strategy 

Ethical hacking is a proactive strategy. Ethical hackers detect problems before they occur. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises and you can address imperfections in your security and network policy in a timely manner.

The ethical hackers of SpotIT use different frameworks, including PTES, OWASP and Top 10.


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