Cyber Security Readiness Test

Cyber Security Readiness Test

How does your team react when a cyber incident occurs? With SpotIT's Cyber Security Readiness Test you will find out. We simulate a security breach or data breach and see how your risk team deals with it. Naturally, SpotIT specialists will guide you through the entire operation. After a Cyber Security Readiness Test, you are better prepared for any subsequent incident.

How does a Cyber Security Readiness Test work?

Imagine this case: You are an IT manager and you receive an email telling you that your network has been hacked and that someone has access to all your company data. That data will be leaked within 48 hours, unless you transfer a nice amount of bitcoins.

SpotIT can set up such a scenario at your request. Usually one person in the company is aware of this. The rest of the team is unaware, because they are the subject of the test. SpotIT then looks at how your risk team deals with such a threat, which is of course completely harmless.

The questions for your team:

  • Do we pay or not?
  • What approach do we follow?
  • Do we communicate this? If so, how? 

Has your risk team made the necessary decisions? Then we disclose our intentions and inform everyone about the test. Your IT team then works together with the SpotIT specialists to find the cause of the threat (e.g. a virus, a suspicious file). All our findings are collected in a report.

Is your team ready for the test? 

A Cyber Security Readiness Test provides a good picture of how you deal with such a crisis situation. Culture, structure, processes and responsibilities: we take a close look at it all and make recommendations for the future. 

Your benefits:

  • We increase your management and IT team's security awareness.
  • We work tailored to your organization and we can hit the ground running.
  • We evaluate the identity, values, competencies, behavior and structure of your organization.
  • We make recommendations for optimization in the future.
  • We develop an informed corporate culture.
  • We increase the understanding of information security in all layers of your organization.
  • We influence appropriate employee behavior in all layers of your organization.
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