More users, more applications, different devices, and still an old network?

As companies are moving more and more applications to the cloud, the typical business infrastructure has changed a lot in recent years. With an SD-WAN, you can be sure of a safer, more stable and more cost-efficient network.

More performance, less costs 

A SD-WAN solution is a WAN overlay in the cloud that makes it easier to move your applications to the cloud. SD-WAN reduces your costs and time to deploy new services. In addition, it provides the robust security architecture that is essential for hybrid networks.

SD-WAN is an abbreviation for software-defined networking in a wide area network (WAN). A SD-WAN disconnects the network hardware from the controller, a similar concept to software-defined networks and network virtualization.

The advantages of SD-WAN:

  • Better user experience: deploy applications on the network in no time
  • Agile platform: more performance, less bandwidth
  • Better security: better protection against malware and other threats
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