Network Operations Center

In our Network Operations Center (NOC) we monitor all the components and protocols in your network and we intervene if we notice unexpected behavior. This way we ensure the efficient operation of every service connected to the network.

Your NOC:

  • Monitors all network and security devices.
  • Measures all relevant performance parameters: CPU, memory, disk space, buffers, latency, uptime, etc.
  • Collects all log data in the network management system. Certain log messages will lead to an alarm: this allows us to proactively detect changes.
  • Can forward all logs to your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

Detecting incidents 

SpotIT uses a network management system that is fully adapted to your environment. If we detect an incident, it is immediately reported to the NOC. We link the expected business impact to each alarm, so that we can give the right priority to the incident.

SpotIT uses a real-time change detection system. Every change in your network is immediately reported to the SpotIT NOC. If this change was the cause of an incident, the NOC will immediately make the link and undo the change.

Compliance checks 

Besides operational monitoring, SpotIT also performs continuous compliance checks. We compare the configurations of all network and security components with the proposed High-Level Design. In this way we can detect and eliminate deviations before they lead to problems.   

As a customer you get a read-only view on the SpotIT network management system, so you can follow all operational monitoring, compliance, change detection and logging.

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