Security- & netwerkaudit

"The network is slow" is probably one of the most heard phrases when there are problems with applications. Although the network is not always the direct cause of a problem, we can still extract a lot of information from the network.

SpotIT analyzes your network with special tools and puts its finger on the exact performance issue. We document your business application flow and draw the necessary conclusions. Possible causes: your network, a client, front-end server, back-end server, etc. Based on this, we work on a roadmap for the short and long term.

How does a security & network audit work?

In a first phase we make a complete inventory. We see this as an initial snapshot of the infrastructure. Based on this snapshot, we map out the traffic flows. This is the second phase, which allows us to determine thresholds for each protocol, based on bandwidth, latency and number of users. In a third phase, performance measurements will show whether these thresholds can be achieved.


We report all our findings:

  • Network & security topology and physical infrastructure documentation in Visio
  • Network and security equipment addresses and names in a structured overview
  • Inventory of the network and security infrastructure, including:
    • Location
    • Configuration
    • Model & serial number
    • Software version
    • Routing table (if applicable)
    • Routing protocols used (if applicable)
    • Spanning Tree information (if applicable)
    • Memory consumption at different times during the audit
    • Processor consumption at different times during the audit
    • Access lists (if applicable)
    • Traffic volume at different times during the audit
    • CRC errors
    • (Late) collisions
    • Number of dropped packets (in & out)

The first four phases of the audit will provide a number of possible issues. In the fifth phase, we check the equipment on which these issues occur for specification and configuration. In a sixth and final phase we proceed to a root cause analysis of each problem. This is also included in the report.

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