NEW: Cisco Secure Endpoint & Umbrella integration

Cisco Secure Endpoint & Umbrella integration

SpotIT, the largest independent managed services provider in Belgium, integrates Cisco Secure Endpoint & Cisco Umbrella solutions into its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program.

SpotIT’s MSSP program provides 24/7 managed detection, investigation, remediation, and incident response to threats across network, endpoint, cloud, and third-party data.

“The question is not if—it’s when. Today, the attack surface is larger than ever. Despite strong prevention, every organization will sooner or later face a cyberattack. Prevention is not enough. You need to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy with detection and response. As we continue to extend our collaboration with Cisco, the integration of Cisco Secure Endpoint & Cisco Umbrella with our MSSP program provides the ideal zero-trust defense for enterprises against the dramatic increase in malware, ransomware and other endpoint attacks,” said Jürgen Verniest, CEO at SpotIT.

“SpotIT works closely together with Cisco and its Talos threat research team to gain maximum detection and response capabilities from endpoints to networks (across both IT and OT) and clouds. The data provided by Cisco Secure Endpoint & Cisco Umbrella is further enriched in the SpotIT SOC by injecting additional security data from ML- and AI-based sources.

Secure Endpoint & Umbrella integration

Cisco Umbrella unifies multiple security functions in the cloud to secure internet access and control cloud app usage from network, branch offices, and roaming users. Combining Cisco Umbrella with Cisco Secure Endpoints provides cloud-managed, next-generation endpoint security that analyzes unknown files and automatically blocks malware from trying to run on endpoints.

Integration with SecureX

Secure Endpoint can be used as a sensor in SecureX to detect the presence of files or network connections to specific hosts. It can be used to take common and critical endpoint-related response actions.  Umbrella provides global threat intelligence from its rich database of multifaceted domain reputation, local security insight by reporting sightings of investigated domains, and the ability to block domains immediately and enterprise wide in only two clicks.

Secure Endpoint & Umbrella also provide tiles to the SecureX dashboard, as well as actions for orchestration so customers can build automated workflows. Additionally, both incorporate the SecureX ribbon, allowing SecureX functions to be leveraged from any page in the Secure Endpoint & Umbrella console.

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