Managed Meraki Access Service

Managed Meraki Access Service

Cisco Meraki's service is a cloud-based technology. There is no on-site equipment outside the Access Points with accessories.

Meraki's strengths are its simplicity, profiling, monitoring, error analysis, automation and integration with the Cisco ecosystem. Integration option via API with 3rd parties is available.

The way of working is quite simple: Once the cloud management environment has been set up and policies have been configured, access points can be placed in the network. These access points only need internet access through which they log into the cloud portal. They can then be claimed by the technical team in this portal and receive the correct configuration. From that moment on they are in operation. No extra efforts are required for monitoring, this is done automatically. This way of setting up offers many advantages given the high degree of standardization and automation. This will also be very useful in the rollout of the international sites, since the on-site engineering part is completely limited to the physical installation.

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